A veteran of over 30 years of winemaking, Stephan Bedford still gets a rush at harvest and enjoys the hands-on mechanics of winemaking using time-honored techniques to create wines with personality and depth. His wines are usually 100% varietal to allow for the full expression of the grape and the terroir.



Casa Dumetz


It all started in 2004 with a tiny patch of raw earth and a bucket of grapevines to make a dream come true. The initial goal was to produce Pinot Noir from these grapevines. “The best laid plans....” In the process of digging in the dirt, we learned the true meaning of terroir and its absolute vital role in producing premium fruit. With the 2017 vintage, Casa Dumetz will return to producing only Pinot Noir.



Lo-Fi is a partnership between two lifelong friends who believe in hand crafted honest wines that are made for every day drinking. Wines to be enjoyed not to be collected. Easy drinking lower alcohol wines made to pair well with all types of foods, from pizza to paté.



In 2012 Will Henry and Lane Tanner ran into each other in the Santa Maria Valley, and realized that they shared a common vision: to make wines from the best cool-climate vineyards in Santa Barbara County, and to follow a regimen consistent with California’s early days of hands-on, honest winemaking.

The duo asserts that the most balanced (and thus memorable) wines are made from fruit that is picked relatively early on the harvest calendar, the end result being a wine that is livelier on the palate, deeper in complexity, lower in alcohol, and more worthy of cellaring.

Martian Ranch & Vineyard


Martian Ranch & Vineyard is the creation of its proprietor Nan Helgeland. Despite rumors to the contrary, Martian is the blending of the names of her sons, Martin and Ian. Her drive to find the find our plot of land specific to the varietals she wanted to grow, farm biodynamically, and love of nature speak to her vision and uncompromising standards.

Municipal Winemakers


"Joyous. That's the best way I can describe these new releases from Municipal Winemakers. Proprietor Dave Potter makes wines you just want to drink, all at prices that are exceedingly fair. The only issue is finding the wines, as production is tiny. Still, these wines are very much worth your time."From Santa Barbara: On the Road (Aug 2015) by Antonio Galloni

Shokrian Vineyard


"Located on Cat Canyon Road in Los Alamos, is dedicated to growing fruit true to varietal character and terroir of the region."